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We typically associate cleaning with springtime, but when it comes to your Dosatron pumps, the experts recommend cleaning and performing maintenance when you are prepping your units for winter.


Read on for instructions on how to properly prepare you Dosatron unit(s) for the colder months.


Note to ALWAYS wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when servicing your Dosatron.


To decommission your Dosatron unit(s):


1.  Start by turning off the water leading to the unit(s) and depressurizing the line by pressing the Air Bleed button at the top of the Dosatron(s). You can then disconnect the Dosatron(s) from the plumbing.

2. Loosen the injection stem nut and remove the injection stem assembly to drain any remaining water from the unit(s).

3. Remove the Upper Bell Housing and drain any water inside the body.


Take a look at this quick video for details on the steps mentioned above. Your Dosatron is now ready to be safely put away. Take advantage of this opportunity to do any cleaning, maintenance, and seal kit changes.


For cleaning:

Remove any buildup inside your Dosatron unit by submerging the unit and parts in a mixture of 1:1 water and vinegar for 24 hours. Rinse with clean plain water before placing the unit in storage.



For maintenance:

Dosatron units can easily be serviced in the field with one of three DIY maintenance kits available depending on your desired maintenance level. What’s the difference?


• The Mini Maintenance Kit is a perfect and economical option. It includes the recommended maintenance parts and accessories to perform your Dosatron’s maintenance on a regular schedule.

• The Seal Kit is recommended to be done once a year to keep your Dosatron unit functioning at its best and no tools are necessary!

• The Rebuild Kit can extend the life of your Dosatron unit. These comprehensive kits include two parts, the piston kit and the seal kit.


With these DIY kits options, you can perform maintenance on your own time, just follow step-by-step service video instructions on our DosatronIntl YouTube channel and see how easy it can be.

With cleaning and maintenance out of the way, you are ready to store your Dosatron(s) in a warm and dry area until you are ready to start using it again. Always protect your investment, prepare your system, and have your units ready to roll back and running for the next season!


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