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Switch to the Dosatron Mobile Coolant Fill System today!

Dosatron Mobile Coolant Fill System

Here are the reasons why:

Over Diluting

  • Reduces coolant heat transfer effectiveness
  • Accelerates wear on costly machine tools
  • Increases rejection rate

Under Diluting

  • Wastes expensive coolant concentrate
  • Can cause tool to hydroplane on the work surface
  • Increases operator skin conditions

Transporting Pails

  • Injuries from lifting heavy pails on oily floors
  • Spills waste coolant
  • Cost of time cleaning spills up

Check out the chart below and to see just how much time is lost with manual mixing.

ROI Manual Mixing Chart

Stop wasting time and money. Take action and switch to Dosatron's Mobile Coolant Fill System!

Manual mixing coolantWith hand mixing, you don't have control of your coolant concentration. Dosatron's water-powered metering pumps compensate for flow and pressure changes and are unaffected by coolant viscosity, providing consistent, repeatable results. And, because they are water-powered there is no need for electricity.

Dosatron's Mobile Coolant Fill System holds up to 25-gallons of coolant concentrate. At a typical 5% makeup, the cart will mix up to 500 gallons of mixed coolant. It easily connects to any garden hose or water source, mixing the coolant on-demand, directly into the machine sump. No worries, no mess!

To order your Mobile Coolant Fill System today, or for more information call 1-800-523-8499 or contact Craig at 847-612-5226. You may also CHAT with us at www.dosatronusa.com.