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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Kick up your feet, stay awhile, and read in our blog all about how Dosatron is revolutionary for a number of industries. 

Our customizable and expandable Nutrient Delivery System is easy to operate AND easy to maintain.

The Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) is an assembly of high-quality dosers connected with easy-to-configure kits. The NDS thrives anywhere, from indoor greenhouse environments to outdoors, allowing installation in any application. With total control in mind, customizing the entire panel is easy based on your personal nutrient program!

And, by automating the nutrient delivery process it accurately dispenses the desired solution. This makes the time draining practice of “measure and pour” a thing of the past, saving you time and money!

The NDS features Dosatron water-powered technology whose reliability and accuracy has been upheld for over 30 years. Dosatrons are the perfect choice for injection rates of 1:3000 (0.25 tsp/gal and 1.25 mL/gal) to 1:10 (75 tsp/gal to 375 mL/gal) and are available in the Lo-Flo and Hi Flo NDS Series.

The NDS is accurate, easy, and precise! Our world-class customer service team will be glad to help you set up a Nutrient Delivery System that fits your specific application.

So go out there and automate your grow with the NDS from Dilution Solutions! TEXT US TODAY! 727-212-2100 or reach out on Instagram @dilutionsolutions