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The Future of Urban Agriculture may well rest upon the advent of new technology in Indoor Growing, such as high-efficiency blue LED lighting, that along with our Dosatron injectors, have allowed for vast improvements in indoor, warehouse based settings.

Caleb Harper, the chief researcher behind MIT’s Media Lab, is developing an open-sourced, digitized food-growing system that his group calls the Food Computer, or FC that he hopes will become the common platform for modern indoor agriculture.

Sensors inside an FC, monitor the growing conditions for the crop and fine tune the light exposure, temperature, humidity, carbon-dioxide level, water cycle, and nutrient exposure according to a preset recipe for growing the plant. Plants grown in the FC are hydroponic, with nutrients either injected into the water surrounding the roots or misted onto the plant’s dangling, open-air roots.

Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture has been booming in recent years and will only get bigger as a result of the increased efficiency of LED grow lights. For more information about how to use Dosatron injectors in your hydroponic or vertical farm operation, please contact us at 800-523-8499 or visit our website at www.dosatronusa.com