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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Kick up your feet, stay awhile, and read in our blog all about how Dosatron is revolutionary for a number of industries. 

Montrèal, Quebec manufacturers have discovered Dosatron Chemical Metering Pumps to blend concentrated metalworking fluids with water as they fill machine sumps.

Dosatrons accurately inject water soluble metal working fluids including:

  • Coolant
  • Detergents/Cleaners
  • Vibratory Compounds
  • Die Lube
  • Rust Inhibitors

Dosatron chemical metering pumps compensate for flow and pressure changes providing consistent, repeatable results and because they are water-powered there is no need for electricity. They are simple to use and easy to adjust, allowing for flexible dosage rates. And they are easy to maintain, saving you time and effort! For information on our complete line of chemical metering pumps call 1-800-523-8499 (1-727-443-5404) or visit www.dosatronusa.com and CHAT with us.