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It's been almost four weeks since the last breakout of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) in Manitoba, Canada, Farmscape Online reported.

Dr. Glen Duizer, with the Office of Manitoba's Chief Veterinary Officer, said there are now 22 sow herds, 13 nurseries, and 26 finishers infected in Manitoba.

Even though this latest case was the result of the movement of pigs, not due to a lapse in biosecurity, it is a good reminder to keep animal containment areas sanitized along with having a biosecurity plan-of-action.

A good place to start is with Dosatron chemical injectors. They can help stop the spread of PED and are easy-to-install. Pair a Dosatron with an airless foaming wand, and you can disinfect livestock trailers and trucks with either wet or clinging foam.

Dosatron medicators, the DM11FD25F, and the D128R, are water-powered, using the available water, so no electricity is needed. They consistently blend disinfectants using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same, regardless of variations in pressure and flow.

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