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Designed for expansion that fits your operation, this system offers ease of installation backed by superior engineering and over 30 years experience in the carwash community.  

As a carwash operator, you need to focus on what is most important—making new customers, and keeping the customers you have, by providing an excellent experience and a clean wash, every time. Powered by a Dosatron chemical dilution dispenser that’s simple-to-use, dependable, and offers consistent performance, the Low-Pressure Modular Self-Serve System will help you obtain these goals.

The modular panel is easy to mount and will keep your backroom uncluttered, saving space by eliminating Venturi premix tanks. It removes the need for air diaphragm pumps, saving electricity, and it gets rid of the messy Venturi metering tips and their clogging headaches.

How does the Low-Pressure Modular Self-Serve System work?

The driving force of the Low-Pressure Modular Self-Serve System is the Dosatron D14MZ-D series chemical dilution dispenser. Dosatrons work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow.

For example, your customer enters Bay #1 and turns on the presoak. The #1 solenoid in the manifold served by the presoak Dosatron opens and water flows, driving the Dosatron piston and plunger up and down. The syringe-like action draws and mixes concentrate into the flowing water and dispenses it directly out to Bay #1. A second customer enters Bay #2 and also turns on the presoak. Now the flow demand has doubled, so the Dosatron automatically strokes twice as fast proportionally maintaining the proper mixture of chemical to water. It’s that simple!

How do I install?

The panels are easy to set up. Securely attach the panel to the wall and bring your water supply to the filter inlet, then move the power wires from the old solenoids to the new ones, move the bay chemical supply lines from the old solenoids to the new, and you are now ready to wash!

Each panel can supply from 1 to 6 bays with perfectly mixed chemical, on-demand. It comes complete with one Dosatron proportioner unit, chemical and air-solenoid valve manifolds, water and air pressure regulators with gauges, and a filter.

Can I expand the system?

Modular is key to this completely assembled and ready-to-mount system, allowing for easy expansion. Each panel includes a hose barb on the discharge end of the water manifold with a ball valve that shuts off. When you are ready to add another panel right next to the first, and continue with another chemical, add a jumper hose to the barb and bring it to the inlet side of the next panel, then open the ball valve; it’s that simple.

What’s the right Dosatron for my operation?

To choose the right panel for your carwash, you first select which dilution range best fits your chemical. The D14MZ-D Series offers three models with the dilution ranges of:

Next, determine how many solenoids you will need in your manifold and voltage (i.e., 4 bays equals 4 solenoids). And decide if you need an air manifold to foam the chemical.

Want to know more?

Click the image below to watch Craig Peterson give an overview of the Low-Pressure Modular Self-Serve System.

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