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A lot of time is spent raising your pig to become a show pig. From raising, training and understanding all the rules for the show, you want your show pig to be its best for competition day. You don’t want this time to be interrupted from something like a disease which could affect your entrance into the show. A way to avoid this from happening is by water nutrition.

Clean water is the most critical and cost effective nutrition you can supply for your show pigs. While pigs can be hand watered, the best results are obtained by using some type of automatic watering system. An automated watering system can be as simple as a PVC line or hose, delivering water to pen(s) using a nipple, cup, bowl, or trough. Trigger-style, stainless steel cups have several advantages over other types of water supply devices. Cups provide pigs with ad lib access to water with less waste, no height adjustment and minimal cleaning. By using a Dosatron unit, the pigs automatically receive an accurate dosage, even when the producer is not present.

To administer water based treatment with a Dosatron, a solution of dissolved chemicals is prepared in a stock tank. When a suction tube is placed into the stock tank, the water flow passes through the medicator. For show pigs, the best medicator to use is a water powered Dosatron DM11F. Dosatron’s do not require electricity and it draws from the stock tank and they compensate for flow and pressure changes providing consistent, repeatable doses.

The most effective way to treat sick animals is though the water supply, because sick pigs will drink water even if they are not eating. Dosatron medicators provide an effective method of delivering a variety of water based treatments to show pigs. Routine water medication can provide significant advantages in preventing disease outbreaks. Did you know that routine worming with liquid wormers are easily administered with a Dosatron medicator? It allows worming of entire group of animals without changing feed types.

Once the automated watering system is in place, you as the producer, now have the option of accurately delivering a variety of water soluble treatments and supplements with minimum labor and reduce wastage. Automated water systems also allow for preconditioning of pigs before the showing. Many producers provide pigs with water soluble electrolytes for final conditioning prior to showing to increase fill and muscle tone. For animals showing signs of stiffness, a liquid aspirin can be used to relieve the symptoms with no withdraw period.

When and if you have multiple show pigs, Dosatron’s are great to use because the medicator can be moved from building to building and placed inline with a simple hose connection. With many rules to follow when raising your show pig(s), don’t let their state of health affect your plan, invest in a Dosatron medicator that can help you reduce the risk of illnesses in your show pigs.