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Lela Kelly, Dosatron's Horticulture and Irrigation Specialist, will be speaking at the Griffin Greenhouse Expos in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania!

Lela will be talking about, "What is Water Hammer and How to Prevent It." She will explain how to restrict water hammer from damaging your Dosatrons, whether it's with a garden hose or automatic solenoid valves. She will share how to install your Dosatron set-up correctly and provide maintenance practices to keep your Dosatron running perfectly, year-after-year.

Dosatron offers Water Hammer Arrestor Kits that are for installations with strong water hammer potential, such as using quick closing solenoid valves. They come in four (4) pipe sizes: 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2".

Griffin Greenhouse Massachusetts Expo is August 23 - 24 at the DCU Convention Center in Worcester. The Pennsylvania Expo is September 27 - 28 at the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster. To register, just click on the city you would like to attend.

Be sure to join Lela in the Dosatron booth around 9:30 am to learn more about Water Hammer. She will also be in the booth both days to answer any technical questions you might have.