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Our most commonly-used injectors for Horticulture.

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Irrigation Applications

Sustainable fertilizer injection solutions for greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries.


For beautiful, healthy plants and blooms, professional growers have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience. With Dosatron, your plants get the right amount of nutrients every time. Our versatile fertilizer injectors are the industry gold-standard for quality and reliability. Learn more by watching our Videos, refer to our Literature, and check out the Mini Maintenance Kits and Seal Kits.

  1. Living Walls
  2. Drip Irrigation
  3. Portable Fertilizer Injectors
  4. 3-Part Solutions A/B/C Tank
  5. Watering Boom
  6. Foaming
  7. High Water Flow System

Dosatron fertilizer injectors can be used in a variety of installations and configurations. Mount them on booms or benches, or use them in conjunction with our portable 15-gallon DosaCart, 5-gallon Li’l Bud-D DosaCart, or the Eco-Cart for fertigation dosing on the go. Increase your flow with parallel installations, or inject multiple nutrients with series installations. It’s all up to you!

  • Aquaponics
  • Indoor Farming and Agriculture
  • Stacked Farming
  • Urban Gardening and Farming
  • Drain-to-Waste


Need help finding the correct model for your application or just have a question? Feel free to give us a call. We are here to help you Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time.

Recommended Injectors

View the most commonly-used injectors for Irrigation.


D25 Series

The D25F1 – 11 GPM

. . . is the perfect addition to the Dosatron line of fertilizer injectors. This economy 11 GPM injector is preset at a fixed rate of 1:100 (1%) and pairs nicely with the Eco-Cart.

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D14 Series

The D14MZ2 – 14 GPM

. . . allows for flow rates up to 14 GPM. It offers enhanced UV resistance and is perfect for one-hose operations or for use with our 15-gallon DosaCart or 5-gallon Li’l Bud-D portable fertilizing system.

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The D14MZ10 – 14 GPM

. . . flow rates up to 14 GPM with a percentage range of 1 to 10%. Recommended applications include: compost tea, hydroponic supplements, fungicides, and more.

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D45 Series

The D45RE15 – 20 GPM

. . . is for growers needing higher flow up to 20 GPM. It has a built-in bypass (on/off switch) and can handle up to two garden hoses on a single injector.

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D8 Series

The D8RE2 – 40 GPM

. . . allows flow rates up to 40 GPM and can be installed in parallel for increased flow.

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D20 Series

The D20S – 100 GPM

. . . allows flows up to 100 GPM for large growing operations. For more flow, the D20S can be installed in parallel to allow flows up to 500 GPM.

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D132 Series

The D132WL30000 – 132 GPM

. . . this low injection rate model (1:30,000) is for direct injection of water treatment chemicals.

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The D132WL5000 – 132 GPM

. . . is great for fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, algicides and much more.

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The D132GL02 – 132 GPM

. . . is perfect for injecting soluble fertilizer.

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The D132GL1 – 132 GPM

. . . is perfect for injecting soluble fertilizer along with disinfectants, compost tea, hydroponics, chlorine dioxide, chlorine and more.

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What do Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors Accurately inject?
    • Fertilizer
    • Nutrients
    • Beneficials
    • Organics
    • Fish Emulsion
    • Teas
    • Chlorine
    • Sanitizers (special mode)

    • Insecticides
    • Fungicides
    • Herbicides
    • Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs for drenching)
    • Wetting Agents
    • Algicides
    • Acids


Below are the most common ways to install and use your Dosatron. If you don’t see the installation or application you are looking for or need help, please call Dosatron Technical Support at 800-523-8499 or 727-443-5404.

Installation illustrations are to be used as a reference guide only.

Mini Kits

The Mini Maintenance Kits are the perfect, economical solution for Dosatron users and growers who perform maintenance on a regular schedule. They can be used as often as necessary to ensure that your Dosatron injects accurately and runs smoothly. The Mini Maintenance Kits are available for the 11, 14, 20, 40, and 100 GPM injectors.

Kits Include
  • Recommended maintenance parts
  • Dosa-Lube packet – designed to easily lubricate your static seals and o-rings while you are changing the wear parts



Part Number: PJ117MINI-H




Part Number: PJDI116MINI-H




Part Number: PJDI120VMINI-H




Part Number: PJ096MINI-H




Part Number: 20PJ030MINI-H

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Part Number: 8PJ052MINI-H



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"We have been using Dosatron fertilizer injectors proudly for over 20 years. They are easy to use, simple to maintain, and no one can match their service!"

Gus and Chad Corso
Corso Flower & Garden Center / Sandusky, OH

"Essential for keeping plants fresh in our retail stores; that's why we have 42 Dosatrons!"

James Russell
Armstrong Garden Centers / Chino, CA

"For more than 15 years I have installed Dosatron fertilizer injectors in every new greenhouse location. They're accurate, reliable, and simple to operate!"

Gene Batson
Batson's Greenhouse / Mount Dora, FL

"Dosatron is perfect for drip line fertilization. Best of all, it's water-powered, so it's sustainable AND saves us time and money!"

Hunter's Moon Farm
Hunter's Moon Farm / Oak Harbor, WA

"Portable, versatile, and dependable... our Dosatron injectors keep our crops looking good!"

Henry Huntington
Pleasant View Gardens / Loudon, NH

"Great machines with great success. Dosatron just keeps on going!"

Bill Swanekamp
Kube-Pak / Allentown, NJ

"I wish my car ran as well as my Dosatron fertilizer injectors!"

Monte Flack
Color Point / Granville, IL

"Dosatron makes a difference with our extraordinary plant material."

Evelyn and Mary Weidner
Weidners Gardens / Encinitas, CA

"I've been using Dosatron for over 10 years, and I'm very happy with their product. I've tried other fertilize injectors, but Dosatrons just work better. That's why I'm a loyal customer!"

Harold Witzke
Witzke Greenhouses / Courtice, ON, Canada