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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Kick up your feet, stay awhile, and read in our blog all about how Dosatron is revolutionary for a number of industries. 

It allows for installations with higher flow capacities — up to 40 GPM!

The Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Hi-Flo Series, with the connection size of 1 ½” NPT, includes four kits, similar to the Lo-Flo Series:

  1. Starter Kit (Part #: HYKSTART150)
  2.  Mixing Chamber Kit (Part #: HYKMC150)
  3. Monitor Kit (Part #: HYKMON150)
  4. Water Hammer Arrestor Kit (Part #: WHA150-SS-KIT)

Combine these kits with the proper Dosatron Hi-Flo D8 Series dosers to automate your nutrient delivery process, providing a perfectly well-blended solution of nutrients, additives, or supplements, plus a pH adjuster.

It’s easy to determine which kits you need:

  • Determine the number of liquid solutions you will be injecting
  • Decide which injection range you need for each doser in mL or tsp
  • Choose your dosers
  • Pick the Nutrient Delivery System Kits you need

For dosing super-concentrated products like pH buffers or expensive additives, add the NEW –Etatron eOne Micro-Doser System — to your Nutrient Delivery System set-up. Using the Micro-Doser along with the Dosatron Hi-Flo Dosers creates the perfect combination of simplicity and accuracy that allows you to customize a delivery system specific to your application!

With the Etatron Hi-Flo Micro-Doser* (Part #: PE0110MF1.5INX1PR):

  • You can adjust the amount dispensed with every stroke
  • It’s easy to dial in the micro-dose amount, down to 0.125 mL per gallon
  • You have the ultimate in reliability and functionality in one system
  • It is designed to be used in unison with the Nutrient Delivery System

*The Etatron Micro-Doser is also available with the Lo-Flo Nutrient Delivery System Series .

To learn more, or if you have any questions putting together your system, give us a call at 1-800-523-8499, or CHAT at www.dosatronusa.com.