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Check out this great photo of the back room at Suds Full Service Car Wash in Saskatchewan, Canada, with Dosatron chemical proportioners!Dosatron carwash installation

Dosatron D14 Chemical ProportionerThe 15 Dosatron water-powered chemical proportioners are part of Sonny's Concierge System. Washlinks of Ontario, Canada, a distributor for Sonny's, The CarWash Factory installed the system. The chemical line that Suds Car Wash is using is Zep's Assure Chemistry.

Dosatron chemical proportioners let you set it and forget it! There are no Venturi tips to deal with, and clogs are a thing of the past.

No electricity or air is needed to run the Dosatron proportioners since they are powered by the water flow. And, because the units operate with city water pressure and flow, you can still wash cars if your booster pump is off-line.

The Dosatron mixed chemical discharge is plumbed directly to the arch or foamer. There is no longer a need for air diaphragm pumps that freeze up on your busiest days.

The metal-free piston is corrosion resistant regardless of high, or low pH. Let the space-saving design, and direct on-demand mixing, eliminate mixed chemical tanks and mixed chemical pumps in your back room.

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