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Archi’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (AiSA) was founded by Colin and Karen Archipley.

They first started their organic farm while Colin was a Marine serving in Iraq. Their two primary goals were one: to create a viable, sustainable, organic produce farming business, and two: create a business that provided entrepreneur opportunities for veterans in sustainable organic agriculture.

Out of that second goal, grew the 6- and 12-week classes in sustainable agriculture through Cal Poly, Pomona. The classes focus on growing through hydroponic methods, how to start a business, and selling products at market. The students also complete a business plan. At the end of the class, the graduates become a Certified Hydroponicist.

AiSA is a Borrower Certified Training Program through the Farm Service Agency. This means, once a graduate completes the training, they will be eligible to apply for Farm Service Agency funding, to start their own business.

Dosatron is proud to be a sponsor for Archi’s Institute. To learn more about AiSA click here.