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“Being NSF/ 4NSI 61 Certified means that Dosatron has two, 14 GPM units that comply with the standard requirements for water safety. We know it is important to be aware of the impact Dosatron can have with water safety,” said Jason Maddox, Dosatron’s Regional Sales Manager.

Dosatron is increasing its role in public health and safety. Whether it is for water applications such as; residential drinking water, maintenance disinfection, remote drinking water or remote potable system, it is important to follow the protocol of NSF International.

NSF has 70 years of experience bringing attention to public health and safety. The NSF Mark, NSF/ANSI 61 sets the criteria and standards to regulate equipment used for water supplies, bringing safety to the public.

For more information, contact Dosatron International’s world-class customer service department at 800-523-8499, visit our website at www.dosatronusa.com or search for us on NSF.org