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The term “green wall” is best used to broadly describe vertical vegetation systems but, it can also be interpreted in many different ways, such as:

  • Vertical Garden
  • Living Green Wall
  • Green-Wall
  • Vegetated Wall
  • Living Wall
  • Vertical Greenery
  • Eco-Wall

Experts, in the roughly 30 year old industry, describe three main categories that all of these vertical vegetation systems fit into: a green façade, a living wall, and a green retaining wall.

A green façade usually features plants climbing from ground level soil or from planter containers. Living walls use layers to hold plants on a vertical plane and are appropriate for indoor or outdoor applications. Green retaining walls, sometimes considered a sub-category of living wall, has a very unique application. Green retaining walls serve the dual purpose of stabilizing a slope, thus creating more developable space, while accommodating vegetation as a green feature.

In this new industry, nomenclature is still up for debate, but it’s interesting to understand the difference between a green façade and a living wall. If you have any questions about how you can use our Dosatron injectors to create your own living wall, please call us at 800-523-8499!