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The Dosatron D8RE3000VFBPHY doser is part of Hi-Flo Dosatron’s hydroponic line — the Nutrient Delivery System (NDS)

The D8RE3000VFBPHY includes an easy-to-use bypass and a union for simple installation with the NDS. It has a flow range of 2.2 to 40 GPM and a ratio range of 1:3000 to 1:800 (1.25 to 4.85 mL/gal and 0.25 to 0.9 tsp/gal) and a max pressure of 116 PSI. 

It is water-powered, so no electricity is needed and compared to other dosing products on the market, it is easy to maintain and keep in service — saving you time and money. It’s easy to adjust your setting, just turn the dial and set the necessary dosage rate. 

  • Connection Size: 1 1/2" NPT
  • Percentage Range: 0.03 to 0.125%
  • Unit Weight: 12 lbs
  • Ounces Per Gallon Range: 0.043 to 0.160
  • Flow: 2.2 to 40 GPM (8.32 to 151 LPM)
  • Pressure: 2.2 to 116 PSI
  • Dimensions: 26 3/8" x 8 1/2"
  • Ratio Range: 1:3000 to 1:800

Dosatron model name definitions. OPTIONS

  • V: Identifies the type of hose (stands for Viscous)
  • AF/VF: Identifies the type of seals (AF = Aflas® or VF = Viton®)
  • P: Identifies the type of housing (stands for PVDF or Kynar®)
  • D: Car wash units
  • II: Identifies the region (North/Central Am. – Dosatron International, Inc.)
  • BP: Units with bypass options
  • IE: Units with side injection option
  • K: Kalrez®
  • WL: Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61 Standards

All options are not available for every model. Please CHAT or CALL 1-800-523-8499 to find the best seal for the chemical you are injecting.


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