Chemical Injectors for Food Safety & Sanitation Applications

When it has to be clean, it has to be Dosatron.

When it has to be clean, it has to be Dosatron.

For food processing plants, restaurants, and other industrial spaces that must meet stringent sanitation standards, reliable chemical dispensing is a must. That’s why Dosatron is the perfect solution for all your sanitation needs.

Dosatron chemical injectors are non-electric and run on the water already used in the sanitation process. They are easy to adjust, allowing you to fine-tune your chemical mixture for improved results and reduced waste.

Since Dosatron’s volumetric proportioning dosing method automatically compensates for changes in water pressure or flow, it produces a consistently-homogenous chemical mixture. This means that your chemical dilution rate stays the same regardless of pressure and flow changes, leading to a consistent clean you can count on. And since Dosatron chemical dispensers are water-powered and easy to adjust, install, and maintain, they’ll help your business save energy and chemicals, along with time and money.

In addition to our large line of individual injectors, we also offer secure, pre-plumbed custom cabinet and panel systems to simplify installation and maintenance.

Find out how Dosatron can help your business get efficient, reliably hygienic results. Contact us today!

What do Dosatron Chemical Injectors Accurately inject?

  • Peracetic acid
  • Sanitizers
  • Foaming cleaners
  • Chlorinated alkaline
  • Conveyor/chain lubricants
  • Floor scrubber and fill stations

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