Chemical Dosers for Printing Applications

Get sharper, cleaner graphics and text while reducing chemical costs.

Get sharper, cleaner graphics and text while reducing chemical costs.

As a professional printer, you know that your pressroom chemistry mix must be accurate and precise in order to deliver the best results for your clients. However, you also realize that hand-mixing chemicals and repeatedly re-testing to ensure accuracy can be extremely expensive in terms of man-hours, press downtime, and wasted chemicals.

Dosatron automated chemical dosers operate on a volumetric proportioning principle (see it in action here!), which means that they achieve consistent chemical mixture results regardless of changes in pressure or flow. Dosatron chemical dosers are also water-powered, using the water already in use in your printing processes to operate. The end results are a more accurate chemistry mix and reduced energy, chemical, and labor costs.

Versatile, Easy to install and maintain

Versatile, Easy to install and maintain

Dosatron chemical injectors are versatile, easy to install and maintain, and take the guesswork out of mixing your pressroom chemistry.

In addition to our large line of individual injectors, we offer secure, pre-plumbed custom cabinet and panel installations to help simplify installation and maintenance. Find out more about how Dosatron can benefit your print shop and contact us today!


  Fountain Solutions
  Alcohol Substitutes
  Aqueous Coatings

Below are the most common ways to install and use your Dosatron.


What do Dosatron Chemical Dosers Accurately inject?

  • Fountain Solutions
  • Alcohol Substitutes
  • Silicone
  • Aqueous Coatings

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