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Canada's date for legalizing cannabis is July 2018.

In 2001, Canada legalized medical marijuana. They became the first country to adopt a formal system to regulate the medicinal use of marijuana. If you were suffering from a terminal illness, had epilepsy, AIDS, multiple sclerosis or cancer, you could use cannabis to ease the symptoms. Crops grow in large warehouses, and the final product is sent directly to the patients by mail or courier.

In April of this year, the Canadian government introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana with the target date of July 1, 2018. Each province will determine where the sales will take place, who will sell, and how it will be taxed. The minimum age to purchase will be 18.

Canadian cannabis producers are required to be vertically integrated. Meaning they have to control every stage of the production, such as growing, processing, and distributing. Because of this, automation will be the key.

The Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) is a perfect fit towards creating an efficient environment. It is a modular concept, allowing for customization with a nutrient schedule, or feed plan, that can expand with growth. The NDS manages the nutrient application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. The NDS allows you to set it and forget it, no tools required, anyone in a facility can operate.

Dosatron will be at the LIFT Expo in Vancouver - booth 254, January 13 - 14, 2018 in the convention centre (west building). It's the perfect time to learn about our Lo-Flo and Hi-Flo Nutrient Delivery Systems (NDS) along with the dosers that fit your application needs.

If you have questions regarding the NDS before or after the expo, give us a call at 1-800-523-8944 (1-727-443-5404) or CHAT with us on our website.