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A mixing chamber should be installed anywhere that additional contact time, or blending of the nutrient solution, is necessary.

The Lo-Flo and Hi-Flo modular Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) consists of Kits, and Dosatron and/or Etatron dosers. The Starter Kit providing all the parts you need to get started. The Water Hammer Arrestor Kit helps to protect the NDS from water hammer, keeping the system clicking for years to come. The Monitor Kit is an in-line nutrient monitor that measure and displays your well-blended outgoing solution providing peace of mind. And, don't forget the Mixing Chamber Kit! It enhances the blending as the solution passes through and is a must-have for silicates!

Automate with the Etatron Nutrient Delivery System (Etatron NDS). This simple and reliable system doses chemical proportional to the water flow running off of signals from a flow sensor. When the flow rate volume increases, the pump speeds up the dosage rate to meet the demand, and vice versa when the volume is decreased. This system eliminates stock tank pre-dilution, increases worker safety, reduces human error, decreases labor costs, and increases profitability. What more could you ask!

Mixing Chamber Sunshade

We suggest using the Sunshade (part #: MC-34-SHADE) to limit biofilm and algae growth in your mixing chamber.

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