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For easy and optimum installations, include a Water Hammer Arrestor Kit to help control the pressure surge, or wave, caused when a fluid in motion is forced to stop or change directions suddenly.

An example of the type of installation that has the potential of strong water hammer is when the solenoid valve (on/off) is positioned downstream from your Dosatron.

"Remember, arrestors should always be installed so the shock dead-ends into the arrestor."

Arrestors should be placed as near to the source of shock as possible. Review this illustration showing the proper positioning where the shock would be absorbed with 100% effectiveness.

Just last week, Lela Kelly, Dosatron's Vice President, and Horticulture Specialist provided training, to a standing room only crowd, on how to control water hammer at the Griffin Expo in Worcester, MA.

If you missed Lela in Massachusetts, you could catch up with her at the Griffin Expo in Lancaster, PA, September 27 - 28. For more information on the expo, click here.

If you have water hammer questions, give us a call at 1-800-523-8499, or CHAT with us at www.dosatronusa.com.