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In January, the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) went into effect. Animal producers can no longer purchase antibiotics over-the-counter that go into feed without a veterinarian's consent. The FDA created the VFD because of antibiotic resistance.

Dairy Herd Management approached the antibiotics issue in an article titled "Antibiotics a Concern and Opportunity for Livestock Producers."

There seem to be two options: the first is to never administer antibiotics by helping the animals stay healthy in their environment with proper nutrition, along with housing to limit stress.

The second is safely administer antibiotics when needed. It brought to light the complexity of administering antibiotics, what is the withdrawal period and when the animal is deemed safe. For this to be accomplished, producers have to keep track of the animals being treated by keeping records of vaccinations and nutrition.

To obtain complete information to follow, go to the FDA website by clicking here.

If you are going to administer antibiotics, having an accurate delivery device is very important. Make sure your medicator is sized correctly. Some medicators could be undersized, therefore not delivering the correct amount.

Dosatron medicators provide water line cleaning and medicating to help the animals stay healthy and free from disease. If you have questions, call 1-800-523-8499, or CHAT at www.dosatronusa.com.

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