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Over 40% of chickens in the U.S. were not fed growth promoting antibiotics in the past month, according to data from agriculture research company Agri Stats Inc. We heard about this at a presentation at IPPE  in January by Mike Donohue, Vice President of Agri Stats Inc.

Donohue is correlating this reversal to the productivity gains the poultry industry has enjoyed for the past two decades. He also attributed the decrease in antibiotic use with the growing interest in consumer concern for the over use of antibiotics in livestock production.

As the use of antibiotics continues to be reduced, Donohue said U.S. farmers will be challenged to manage the health of their flocks. To keep a steady flow of clean water coming to your flock, contact Dosatron’s award-winning customer service department at 800-523-8499. Our D128R, D25, DM11F, D45, D8, D20S Injectors are the most commonly-used injectors for Animal Health.