What is a Dosatron and how does it work?

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Give your crops the perfect amount of fertilizer with our easy-to-use injectors.

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animal-health-icon-homeAnimal Health

Water line cleaning and medicating are a snap with Dosatron’s livestock medicators.

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hydro-icon-homeNutrient Delivery System

The system developed based on the feedback we received from you, the grower!

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vehicle-icon-homeVehicle Wash

Cut your cost-per-car with Dosatron’s volumetric vehicle wash chemical injectors.

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dilution-solutions-icon-homeDilution Solutions

Click here to discover the best chemical delivery products and solutions possible!

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wt-icon-homeDrinking Water Treatment

Dosatron is the only company with a selection of water-powered chemical injectors that are Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61 Standards.

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food-safety-icon-homeFood Safety & Sanitation

Dosatron is the perfect solution to meet stringent sanitation standards from hospitals to food processing plants.

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metal_icon-homeMetal Processing

Our chemical injectors are perfect for coolant, parts washing, vibratory finishing, and other metal processing applications.

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Know your pressroom chemistry is accurate and precise, delivering the best results.

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