Dosa-Klean Dosatron

Using Dosa-Klean helps maintain your fertilizer injector's performance.

Use Dosa-Klean on a regular basis to cleanse your injector and remove:

  Mineral deposits

As it cleans it lubricates your injector's interior seals and all moving components. It's easy-to-use and acts as a cleanser when fertilizer injector parts are soaked. Click here to view the Dosa-Klean flyer.

Dosa-Klean Dosatron

Two convenient sizes:

  Packet (Part # CLEANSER-ALL) - convenient .187 lb (85 grams) size. Just add one packet to one gallon water per injector and soak for 24, and up to 48 hours for best results. Larger injectors use two packets in two gallons of water.

  Economy Pail (Part # CLEANSER-3LB-ALL) - easy-to-use 3 lb. pail with lid. Add two (2) scoops to one gallon water per injector and soak for 24, and up to 48 hours for best results.


orange-bullet  Provides lubrication where needed
orange-bullet  Helps lubricate seals
orange-bullet  Is quick and easy to use
orange-bullet  Requires no scrubbing
orange-bullet  Flushes
orange-bullet  Will not harm your injector

Click here to view the Dosa-Klean SDS. For detailed instructions on how to use Dosa-Klean, click here.

Call 800-523-8499 for more information or for a distributor near you.