How is the Economy Affecting Car Wash Businesses?

craig-petersonBy Craig Peterson, Vice President – Vehicle Wash Division

Professional Carwash and Detailing Online recently published an Economic Impact Study, examining survey responses to 10 questions gauging the economy’s effect on carwash operators. The survey asked a variety of questions, ranging from what has most influenced recent downturns in business (like weather or economic factors), to how operators have addressed those slumps.

This graphic immediately caught my eye:

PC&D Chart

I was particularly fascinated by the statistics that 36% of operators put a hold on new equipment purchases, whereas 42% invested in new equipment.  I found it interesting how two very opposite responses were almost equally divided amongst the operators responding.  Also, it was a striking parallel to the debate currently being waged by our country’s top economists.  Do we spend more to stimulate the economy (carwash business) or conserve and reduce spending (cut costs) until the economy (carwash business) improves? 

Clearly, opinions differ on the question of “to spend or not to spend,” but another graphic in the article demonstrated some more commonly held opinions:

PC&D Chart2

This graphic shows that 7% of the respondents felt it was difficult to control water costs. Regular blog readers already know how Dosatron can easily help you better control water AND chemical costs, so let’s focus on another statistic from this chart.

The second largest response shows that 18% of car wash operators polled find controlling power costs to be their most difficult challenge.  Did you realize that by using Dosatron proportioners you eliminate the need for an air-operated diaphragm pump or electric motor-driven pump that you’re forced to use on a Venturi system?  That’s right!  By using the pressure and flow of city water through a Dosatron injector, you no longer need an on-demand mixed chemical holding tank.  Since you no longer need a tank, a second pump to move the mixed chemical from the holding tank to the arch is no longer needed.  So… no air diaphragm pump means no air needed. And, no air needed means greatly reduced air compressor use AND greatly reduced power use!  It’s simple: use Dosatron, and you’ll get Green and save Green!

So, how’s the economy affecting your business?  Where do you come down on the “to spend or not to spend” question?  Tell us in the comments!

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